Here’s a little bit about me and how I view therapy (so far**):

  • You are the expert of your own story. As a therapist, I do not believe I know more about you than you do. I believe the stories you share with me are an important part of your identity and journey.
  • You have the ability (and right) to create a new narrative for yourself. Growing up, there are countless stories and expectations that adults put upon us and I believe we spend our formative years and into adulthood trying to re-author these narratives in a way that feels more congruent to our authentic selves.
  • We are all part of the patriarchy (whether we like it or not). I believe how we understand the world and each other should be with the awareness of how we all, but particularly women and other minoritized groups, are affected by an oppressive patriarchal society. The truth is that the Patriarchy affects us all. I work from a therapeutic standpoint that collaboratively brainstorms solutions with clients and honors their unique experiences.

** I say “so far” because I honor the fact that I still have so much to learn in my career as a growing therapist. These are just, so far, a summary of what resonates with me therapeutically.